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We use top-of-the-line Bosch products in our personalized security solutions because we want you to have the most reliable, affordable support to help protect your business and property. Our customized solutions and systems are designed, installed and monitored according to each customer's unique security needs, using the latest technology available.

At IFSS, our commitment to customer care and providing world-class service extends to the type of products we offer our clients.  We want you to have the best, which is why we regularly update our existing product offerings and employ the latest in technological innovations as part of our security solutions.

We offer and service a complete line of Bosch products. Some of our newest products are:

These flexible systems fit a range of facility configurations—from retail stores and banks to schools, office buildings and more.
Each B Series control panel works around the clock checking for open windows and doors, activating lights and performing other services to keep your facility secure. It provides safeguards against burglars, vandalism, and more.
When clarity counts, rely on Bosch cameras to provide the best level of detail to match your application and budget. We understand high performance video surveillance and our products consistently incorporate the latest advances to satisfy your needs.
Whatever your surveillance application demands, there’s an ideal solution in our award-winning FlexiDome and AutoDome families of HD cameras.
The FPA-1000 is a scalable solution for fire detection. Protect your building with a single system or connect multiple panels together as your needs grow. Networking capabilities support the monitoring of up to 2,000 addressable points in one system.


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